Mittwoch, Mai 20, 2015

oh boy, it's good to be awake!

may 20/15

I had a dream...being in some strange forrest running across a grizzly with two cubs. Now everyone had told me they were quite harmless...only the mother bear rose and approached me. In panic I tried to reach the police on my cell phone to ask what I should do... and then a truck with some forrest labourers approached and they let me hop in..then I woke up. 
Still asking myself what would have happened if the truck would not have come.
And also asking myself what this crazy dream stands for!

Samstag, Mai 09, 2015


May 9/15  ...2:32 pm

While I was on the road today on my bike to pick up my fresh aspargus from the farmer's market I noticed the lilac bushes in full bloom. Now this automaticalliy makes me think of mother's day. Us kids used to "harvest" armfulls for mom for her special day . Usually those flowers were accompanied by the most atrocious gifts which only could melt the heart of a kid. Of course allowance had been quite meager and the gifts met the wealth of the donnor. I vividly remember a very ugly glass bowl which as a kid thought to be an eyecatcher. Years later, already an adult, I found it hidden away in a cabinet corner. My mother had been a keeper of things and I suppose she could not part with it out of sentiment. I can not remember though that the thing ever decorated the place.

The link  I dedicate to all forgotten mothers of this world!

Mittwoch, Mai 06, 2015

...and he did not wear the shirt!

May 6/15...3:05 p.m.

The nice,crisp shirt still sits, or I should say again , in the wardrobe's drawer. Only in the meantime it has taken a trip to France and back. Boy! much rain on the coast of the Atlantic !. I am back with a fat cold which I inherited from one of the guests, we had been celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of brother and sister-in -law. So they had full house and a sick lady who,when she showed up, always somehow had been next to me. We flew and had handicapped service for hubby ,otherwise we could not manage airtravel anymore. is a strenious undertaking, especially for me who has to follow those chairwheel pushers who all seem to be training for the Olympics speedwise. Now I am sitting here and besides looking after my cold I pamper my foot which developped  a tendon infection from overstrain