Mittwoch, Mai 06, 2015

...and he did not wear the shirt!

May 6/15...3:05 p.m.

The nice,crisp shirt still sits, or I should say again , in the wardrobe's drawer. Only in the meantime it has taken a trip to France and back. Boy! much rain on the coast of the Atlantic !. I am back with a fat cold which I inherited from one of the guests, we had been celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of brother and sister-in -law. So they had full house and a sick lady who,when she showed up, always somehow had been next to me. We flew and had handicapped service for hubby ,otherwise we could not manage airtravel anymore. is a strenious undertaking, especially for me who has to follow those chairwheel pushers who all seem to be training for the Olympics speedwise. Now I am sitting here and besides looking after my cold I pamper my foot which developped  a tendon infection from overstrain

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