Montag, Mai 01, 2017

Maypole missing...

May 1/2017

In our region it is customary to give a decorated little..or big,whatever birchtree  ...a so called the lady of your heart. you put it up secretely the night before the first of May in front of the house or on the roof, quite a venture!  Young men used to steal them in former times in the woods, nowadays with rules and regulations you get fined and instead there is a thriving business of markets,like for xmas trees which sell them. Of course you can also give a tree to someone you secretely carry a torch for. 😘.
So involuntary single Landfrau peeked out into her entrance way this tree! ..but one of my crockery hanging
flowerpots had crashed to the floor, probably the strong wind from yesterday.. .and IT HAD NOT BEEN BROKEN!  - which was even better than a Maibaum...considering my age! 😂😂😂