Mittwoch, Januar 26, 2011

I knew it!

January 26/11......1:30 p.m.

I had a hunch what was in store for me when I made that dentist's appointment for inspection and cleaning and bingo, my problem tooth has to go and since I am a person of fast decisions I told my dentist lady lets do it then right away.  So out it went, but unfortunately had to leave a root part in - nasty- which had to be dug out and then I was sitting in that chair bleeding like a slaughtered pig and it would not stop. So finally the hole had to be filled up and mended with a thread and now I am sitting here and dreading the wear off of the anesthetic shots. Up to now I have half a numb face, my nose feels like a snout from a pig and my eye twitches.
I shall be running around for 3 months with a gap in my mouth, so no more smiling let alone laughing before some proper work can be done.
Sob,sob sob.....I FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF!

Sonntag, Januar 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday...

January 23/11.....5:22 p.m. forever better than GLOOMY SUNDAY.  - Herr Husband is home from hospital and is getting adjusted to his nurse (Landfrau) without uniform. Up to now the patient behaves!
Daughter No. 2 dropped in for a short visit and we had latte macchiato and tea for the patient, his favoured, Earl Grey. And Landfrau must admit that she had a sip of champagne, believe me, she deserves it.

Donnerstag, Januar 13, 2011

I could have gone Places

January 13/11.......4:50 p.m.

The amount of driven kms today could have taken me away to some better places, that's for sure. Started out this morning before 9 a.m. to drive to the doctors place to pick up the papers which one needs to be admitted to hospital. Yeah, it has been time for "beloved" Krefeld again, actually Herr Husband had an appointment tomorrow for a  kidney check-up as day patient, but during the last weeks his lack of breath had been immensely increasing, so we decided to check in already today, to have his lungs and heart taken care off in advance. I loathe the clinic compound, no parking facilities and today pouring rain to boot. So I dropped off the patient at the main entrance including his bag, which he could drag on wheels and the second piece, his heavy breathing machine, I hauled from the far off parking space - and a tow away one at that - which considering my still nasty leg in it's goal keeper wrap had been no piece of cake. I found the patient pantiently waiting in a hallway, aside from having no beds available, the were no sheets etc, the delivery truck got stuck in traffic. Well, we were assured that there would be a bed for him and with that knowledge I rushed off, already about an hour late for my own doctor's appointment at the other side of the river Rhine - needed desperately some shots for my lumbago, which I had supplied myself with last weekend thinking I could clean up our messy gardens and driveway. Not so happy for additional pain in my already damaged leg!
 The whole damn drive around action took me about 5 hours and now I am home, trying to simmer down.  I hope they put Herr Husband insofar into shape again, that he can have some joy out of life. The last few weeks have not been so bright. 
This is where the fun starts with 2011!

While searching for old"Krefeld" posts I got stuck memorizing a lot about Herr Hund, which makes nicer reading matter anyway.

Sonntag, Januar 09, 2011

I love Lazy Mornings

January 9/11 ....9:20 a.m.

Above all I love sunday mornings, waking  up, peeking at the weather, listening to the radio for a while , slowly separating myself from my beloved bed  and then it starts to be unpleasant, because my scale is eying me and I know that as soon as I have stepped onto it, I am not so cheerful any more. Did garden work like a maniac yesterday, the grounds really looked poor after the snow had melted and today muscles ache where I did not know I had them. But I can not trick my scale so I will punish it by having a delicious breakfast and that first cup of nespresso is just bliss! - so is blogging about nothing.

Sonntag, Januar 02, 2011

No New Years's Resolutions

January 2/11...1:43 p.m.

......None whatsoever. After having limped into 2011 Landfrau can only hope for the better.  Right now I  start to ask myself if  my leg will ever get back to  into shape and painless again and will I ever be able to wear normal shoes  except rubber boots. Otherwise the beginning of a new year only makes me contemplate about things I will never have and do again. There is quite a list. Anyways - useless to cry over spilled milk.
Today for once there is a little bit of sunshine and some blue sky - nice day for a walk - or bike ride, which I hope is one of the things I will be able to do again in the near future. My muscles are turning into fat, slowly but surely.  Aside from hating myself I hate doctors, hospitals, graveyards and people who do not treat their dogs nicely.
So this has been my New Years's speech - I think it beats Angela Merkel's.