Dienstag, Juli 20, 2010

An Almost Perfect Party

July 20/10......10:45 p.m.

When our girls had been small and they had their birthday parties, somehow the birthday child, being so wound up maybe, found a reason to cry. Never one of the guest kids, always the birthday child who started bawling,  grown - ups are different, they do not cry any more, even if they have reason too. Herr Husband really had been in party mood for his special birthday, first the "small" celebration on his real birthday and then the big party on saturday, where he had to produce one of his  famous stunts. Due to his polyneuropathic feet he stumbled on strange terrain - daughter's house, where we had the party  - and  fell flat on his face, bit his lip, which of course started bleeding like hell and knocked a tooth loose. He did not have to be hospitalized, insofar we are one ahead of our very good friends from Luxembourg, where after the party at the hotel in the morning the host told all guests matter of factly that his wife had been taken to the hospital due to a heart attack during the night.  She survived and had been one of our guests at our party,which shows you that even at ripe old age you can fight the mishaps. - But enough of catastrophies. -  Our big party really had been a sucess, due to the help in setting up and organizing of our offspring. They not only supplied the facilities but had been very busy beforehand in different ways, preparing a presentation and organizing the tent, food and drinks. The speech, our son-in-law delivered in honour of the jubilee had been one of the finest and the prepared presentation of daughter No. 1 and son-in-law a gem. In short, everyone pitched in and we made the birthday child very happy. Also the weather played along, after the infernal heat we even had a somewhat chilly night where you could dig out a sweater. We had a Dixieland band, which had been a surprise for the jubilee and a collective present from quite a few of our guests and a french cook -  gift from daughter no.1 - who prepared the food on the spot. The tent, drinks and decorations had been organized by daughter no. 2 and family and Landfrau did her little share. -
It is great to have positive feedback from the guest after a party, which had involved so much organizing and work beforehand.
But we think that it had been worth it, well, we could have forgone the above mentioned stunt!

Samstag, Juli 03, 2010

Herr Hund contemplating....

July 03/10.....8:25 a.m.

I am telling you, my people must be nuts. Almost every day they sit in front of that box they call "teevee "  and normally in that box there are people and sometimes even dogs and cats...oh, I love that! But nowadays all they are staring at are lots of little men running around with only one ball they fight about - they call that FUSSBALL - soccer for my english speaking friends - And there is that terrible noise coming out of the box, they say it is made by what sounds like "uwe seelers"(vuvuzela).  I try to tell them that I can not stand that terrible noise, my little ,flopping ears are sensitive - but no, they tell me to go and play someplace else.  I hope for sure, that the whole shenanigan will be over soon and my people go back to watching dogs and cats. I do not mind if they watch people, but without "uwe seelers" please.