Sonntag, November 29, 2009

Same Procedure as every Year

November 29/09....9:16 a.m.

I am talking about decorating the home for 1. Advent. Aside from the fact, that I seem to need more time every year there is the problem of finding all my little gadgets. Now, mind you, not the boxes, I have neatly stashed away the previous year, I still remmeber those, it involves a little running from basement up to the attic, never mind, keeps Landfrau agile, so to say. No, my friends, it's the last year's forgotten things, like a little santa still sitting in some corner or a decoration hanging somewhere. Now those things, once discovered a while after Christmas, they go someplace and if I say someplace it could be anyplace in the house. Now since I do not draw a map, I do not find them the following year. This year my laquered bows for decorating the little cyprus tree next to our home front door are the winner and the every year missing fat golden angel. Have been looking like a madwoman all over the place, well, almost, otherwise I would have found them, right? and I know that I will find them, when I will be searching for my easter decorations next year. -

Such is life.

Samstag, November 21, 2009

Riverside and Rubberboots

November 21/09.....2:48 p.m.

How nice, time for a long, leisurely walk with Herr Hund along the riverside. Nothing urgent to do, nowhere to rush to, no demands, great...

Little footprints from hundreds of sheep in the sand, seagulls -or are they called rivergulls? - galore but no sign of my screeching friends, the wild geese. But they are still around, I can hear them passing across the roof of our house in the morning and sometimes during the day. Amazingly few other dogwalkers around, so it has been a bit boring for Herr Hund, he loves encounters, even if not all the encounters love him. But he is wise, then he walks away, no fighter! There he is a bit different from Landfrau, who can run a temper occasionally. -
Airplanes starting from the nearby airport at the other riverside, looking at them makes me sigh, up, up and away, what a nice thought once a while. But there I am, stuck in my rubberboots and its about time to turn back home. -
Walks like that beat running around downtown anytime, for Landfrau for sure.

Donnerstag, November 19, 2009

I am in Love...

November 20/09.....7:40 a.m.

...yes, madly in love with my outfit I found downtown. Thanks to the dentist appointment of Herr Husband Landfrau decided to come along to the city . Also there has been the promise of a lunch invitation, not bad, not bad. So all in all the action had been a success, since I also ran across some nice (I hope so) Christmas presents. But aside from that I do not like downtown so much anymore, with all those construction sites for me it has lost its flair and the chaos never stops, always some new corner ripped open and fenced up. And the - already opened - Christmas markets are sitting in between. Unattractive, if you ask me.

But my new outfit takes a load of my chest, now I am really looking forward to our New Year's celebration in Luxembourg. Voila!

Samstag, November 14, 2009

Am I pretty ?

November 14/09.......3:00 p.m.

I do not expect an answer, the headline just came to my mind, there had been a movie once by that name, a German one - BIN ICH SCHÖN ?- anyway, have the feeling I am getting prettier by the day. First I got orthopedic soles for my feet, which grin at me out of their bag, second, last week I had been to a dermatologist on accout of my peeling hands, felt like a snake and had the suspicion that is was self infecting, like a snowball system. Now I got some lotion, of course with cortison and I should wear gloves for every,mind you, every kind of housework, fat chance! - My outfit for festivities, which still had been fitting perfectly last winter, is on the tight side. Landfrau asked Herr Husband if she should maybe put a band aid across her mouth at least till X-mas,to keep me from eating but he did not think that this was such a brilliant idea. I am still pondering, though. - But maybe till dress up time I am lucky enough to run across a very flattering potato sack, preferably black!

So , do not tell me about the advantages of getting older, they are playing hide and seek for me.

Montag, November 02, 2009

Good Things close by

November 2/09....7:57 p.m.

What a day! First my vaccuum cleaner broke down in the middle of working, would not make the tiniest sound anymore. Good thing I still have the "predecessor" stashed away - and if I say away It is for sure good away - in the basement. Unimaginable, what treasures I found looking for it, a toddler's pottie, the holder for the X-mas tree (good thing) , a Black & Decker collection, wow! etc, etc. I still had the broken cleaner hooked up to the electricity, would not give up hope and tried again and again, no sound. Well, started cleaning with the replacement, which by far does not do such a good job, but all of a sudden the replacement had an echo, and believe it or not, the broken one had started making noise again. Probably did not like being replaced. Result - a messed up basement! -

By then I had to drop everything anway, doctor's appointment to pick up my orthopaedic soles for my heel spur, which is'nt a heelspur, which is a heelspur and on top of that a stupid different story. Had been lucky to find a parking place pretty close by, which turned out to be a blessing for the tale I will now tell you and I also tell you that I felt pretty stupid too. so I walked those about 50 meters from my car to the doctors' place, anyway, I tried to when suddenly I had the feeling of something sticking to the sole of my shoe, I thought it was a leaf, tried to wipe it off but it had not been a leaf but the sole of my shoe, flapping and after a few paces the sole of my other shoe came off too and I had a terrible giggling fit and so had the mother with a little kid, watching my dilema. Only solution was to rip off both soles and walk on the remains, odd feeling I tell you and I had been very happy to have my car close by, like I said, a good thing. - Only explanation I have is, that I had not worn those shoes for a long time and then had worn them yesterday in pouring rain, also hitting some puddles. Maybe the glue fixing the soles had turned dry, who knows.

Had to skip my remaining errands , but imagine it would have happened with my car parked far away, I would have been in a jam for sure.