Samstag, November 21, 2009

Riverside and Rubberboots

November 21/09.....2:48 p.m.

How nice, time for a long, leisurely walk with Herr Hund along the riverside. Nothing urgent to do, nowhere to rush to, no demands, great...

Little footprints from hundreds of sheep in the sand, seagulls -or are they called rivergulls? - galore but no sign of my screeching friends, the wild geese. But they are still around, I can hear them passing across the roof of our house in the morning and sometimes during the day. Amazingly few other dogwalkers around, so it has been a bit boring for Herr Hund, he loves encounters, even if not all the encounters love him. But he is wise, then he walks away, no fighter! There he is a bit different from Landfrau, who can run a temper occasionally. -
Airplanes starting from the nearby airport at the other riverside, looking at them makes me sigh, up, up and away, what a nice thought once a while. But there I am, stuck in my rubberboots and its about time to turn back home. -
Walks like that beat running around downtown anytime, for Landfrau for sure.

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