Samstag, November 14, 2009

Am I pretty ?

November 14/09.......3:00 p.m.

I do not expect an answer, the headline just came to my mind, there had been a movie once by that name, a German one - BIN ICH SCHÖN ?- anyway, have the feeling I am getting prettier by the day. First I got orthopedic soles for my feet, which grin at me out of their bag, second, last week I had been to a dermatologist on accout of my peeling hands, felt like a snake and had the suspicion that is was self infecting, like a snowball system. Now I got some lotion, of course with cortison and I should wear gloves for every,mind you, every kind of housework, fat chance! - My outfit for festivities, which still had been fitting perfectly last winter, is on the tight side. Landfrau asked Herr Husband if she should maybe put a band aid across her mouth at least till X-mas,to keep me from eating but he did not think that this was such a brilliant idea. I am still pondering, though. - But maybe till dress up time I am lucky enough to run across a very flattering potato sack, preferably black!

So , do not tell me about the advantages of getting older, they are playing hide and seek for me.

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