Dienstag, Juni 21, 2016

Just me...

June 21/2016

Now that's a funny story again and it only could happen to me! 
Will try to start from the beginning. We have a bush next to our entrance door, ages old and interwoven  by time with ivy crawling up our housewall. From one day to the other the bush died, don't ask me why. So I talked to our gardener trying to tell him what kind of replacement I wanted. Had seen a very pretty shrub in front of a house on my drive to my shopping market. To make a long story short, I thought it was a good idea to drive there and take a pic of the plant. Went there this morning ,pretty early, because I did not want people to spy me taking pics.  You never know what ideas jump up in their heads. Found a good parking space right across from the bush, rolled down my car window and took my iPad  to take a pic and a huge black guy in a gardener's outfit approached ,smiled and said...isn't it beautiful?...Redfaced I stuttered something about my gardener and a new bush etc, and then next to the bush a little ,hidden door opened and a somewhat at me suspicially looking guy showed up. So I did give no more explainations, only gas to get away from the place. So much for my secret action! But at least I got a pic of the bush and I only hope our gardener knows the name.