Freitag, Dezember 27, 2013

the Spirit of Christmas

December 27/13...5:20 p.m

It is heartwarming to hear about stories like that in our times of consumption and greed. Just let the story put a smile on your face!

Donnerstag, Dezember 05, 2013

Another Pre Xmas story

December 5 /13...6:42 p.m.

My Personal Xmas cookie trauma

I am not so fond of baking but Xmas cookie baking brings me  to the limit. It starts with having to "free" the kitchen table which takes about 20 min. ..and then the task finding my ingredients in my overstuffed cabinets. The hidden away ground almonds finally were found in the basement storage! this hunt took me another 20 min.,getting the rest of the stuff together another 10 and yippee...finally ready to start the dough. It burns me up to read stories about moms and kids doing cookie baking with red cheeks ,singing Xmas songs. Must be fairy tales..or lies! Mine always quit me after 5 min for watching tv and I will never forget that time when daughter no. 2 invited a friend for baking . After the usual limit of 5 minutes the whining for watching tv started and when I declined the guest kid bit my ass and in sequence I hit her. I must admit that it had been a reflex from the pain and I got absolution from the kids mom. So, you see, I am traumatized an I have a tremendous admiration for dedicated baking for example #Lisa Cake Lady Stevens !