Mittwoch, März 22, 2017

Left me speechless

March 21/2017

My windowcleaner, who comes to my house once a month, had been very shocked a month ago when he found out that my husband had died. He even had a drink in his memory.
So, this month, he came to my house and entering he asked "where is your husband" ? I really had been speechless, which happens very rarely. But then  I had been quite pissed off and asked him how many drinks he had already had.  He is an alcoholic in my opinion and his brain must be quite damaged in a way. He of course had been very embarrassed and told me a weird story of the lady where he had cleaned before and who had "mixed him up". I was short of firing him but then I calmed down. At least I can trust him around the house, which with new ,strange folks you never know.