Mittwoch, April 22, 2015

One of those days...

April 22/15...11.06 p.m.

Alll I can say,thank heavens it is over. Morning has been wasted waiting for a guy who was supposed to come and measure our staircase for a lift for hubby, only he did not show up and then hubby found out he had mixed up the date, so now the same game tomorrow. Then I drove Herr H. to ugly Krefeld,my hate town, I had spotted an interesting shirt in the internet and since the shop is about half an hours drive from here we decided that he might as well try it on for size. Only when he wanted to pay he had no wallet which he had chased me upstairs for to get for him and then left it at home. So I drove him home,oicked up money and returned to the shop. In the meantime there was a nice rush hour traffic. Well, as a small reward I treated myself to a poloshirt. And then ,back home, the rail in my closet collapsed and all the stuff fell out and it was a big mixture of garments and entwined hangers...beautiful! After I had sorted everything out and hung up the effn thing collapsed again twice and I could have rolled on the floor and bit the carpet. Hubby mentioned that there will be shooting stars during the nite..I could not care less!