Sonntag, Juni 24, 2012

Blame it on the iPad!

June 24/2012.......1:20 p.m.

My overall blogging laziness!  Or maybe it is, that I have not so much to say anymore, my creativity seems to dwindle with progressing age. Also I lost my foremost blogging victim - Herr Hund! He alsways had been good for a story. And Herr Husband does not seem to get himself into mischief so much anymore since...well, I better be quiet und nice! -
But there is something I have to tell you. Fascinating! A few days ago I had been out on our balcony, enjoying the tiny glimpse we have from up there upon the river. Suddenly a bird riot broke loose and a buzzard almost hit my head. He was chased by two blackbirds. They have young ones which start to leave the nest right now and maybe that is what made them so agressive. Anyway, why the buzzard had been so immobile was that he carried a rabbit and then he dropped it - smack - into our driveway onto the car of Herr H.  Fortunately it had been a very tiny,soft one,but without head!  ugh!  I gave it a garbage bin burial and the next day it was joined by one of the tiny birds,which I  found also in our driveway. Our driveway seems to be an assembly place  for dead creatures, once it had been rats, that had been at the time our neighbouring farmer still had been raising pigs. Now the farmer couple is dead and the place has been sold and the new owner is turning it into very fancy living quarters. I prefer that, although our next door neighbour claims that now our houses will look like domestics quarters. We told her that our new neighbour might supply us with look alike worksuits with his name on the back. hahaha...
Now we have to see how we get over this rainy sunday, last evening it had been so nice for a change that we put up the grill and had a perfect barbeque dinner outside. Today no biketour and no icecream run but this way you are in luck for a post.  So hope for more rain, friends. JUST KIDDING!