Mittwoch, März 02, 2016

Trump the Trump

March 2/2016...10:50 a.m

The other day I wrote a post in my fb account about stopping to make fun of Trump, because the laughter might get stuck in your throat. Well, after "super tuesday" it is more and more obvious that Trump only can get stopped by Trump. The blind ,for him cheering lemmings can not be conviced how dangerous this person really is and that he could destroy America and the rest of the world with his unpredictability.

In 2004 we had been travelling South Dakota. Why for heavens sake S.D. you might ask. Well, one simple reason..I wanted to see the run of the buffaloes! A tremendous spectacle and we did not regret to have seen it! Why I mention that in connection with Trump? Let me explain.....
We left the guest farm where we stayed, supplied by our lovely hosts with blankets, folding chairs ,food and hot coffee , very early, it had been still dark and pretty fresh, mind you fall! As we arrived at the gate of the national park and the premises of the buffalo run we almost keeled over backwards...hundreds of people crowding around behind the mashed wire had been like a big open air party, which in a way it was. But let me get to the point. Of course we got talking to the people around us and after they found out we came from Germany they asked us all kind of ,some of them very odd, questions. But the winner was this inquiry: DO YOU STILL DRIVE OXCARTS IN GERMANY?  ...No, this had not been a joke!

Now multiply this by millions and there you have Trump's followers. These people are simpleminded and ignorant. Globality for them is like chinese language and they do not know about Europe and the rest  of the world. Their little world ends at their nicely painted fence  and this is the world Trump promises them to safeguard. 

So, my dear friends, it is about time to wake up, do not ridicule Trump, take him serious and fight him.

For the sake of America and the rest of the world.!