Freitag, Februar 12, 2016

Not Doomed Yet

February 12/16

One person in 100 000 has an allergic reaction to the nuclear injection for the cintigrafie. Three guesses who that person!  But the good news, the results of the test have been negative..big breath of relief! Already had made plans how to manage my life if the outcome had been bad, well..those I put on ice for times to come.
By the way, drinking 2 ltrs. of water within 2 hours is pure water torture and after that you piss radioactive on account of the stuff which runs in your venes.Weird!

Sonntag, Februar 07, 2016

Fuck The Genes

February 7/2016

So my doc is sending me to a "nuclear" test which lasts for 3 hours and tells me not to worry. And guess who runs home and starts googling? ..right! Landfrau!   I know what my brother died from and now of course I think I might be doomed. Well, I have the age and you have to die of something one day eventually. That is a fact. Do I worry? I do!