Samstag, September 27, 2014

Senior Moments

September 29/2014... 8:07 a.m.

After an absence of 2 years we are here again for a few days in Luxembourg. And the food is so excellent as ever! There goes my diet. And last night at dinner the lady of the house came up to our table and we chatted. But when I incidently looked at my wrists I was so embarrassed...I was wearing a watch on each! sneaked off one and only hoped no one had noticed, only then I had to fight a giggling fit very hard!

Freitag, September 12, 2014

Trowback Thursday

September 12/14....8:25 a.m.

Yes, love to dig up old pics which then bring back memories of times  - often long- past!
Oh, those times I so love to remember...riding full gallop across the riverbanks with my beloved Herr Hund  trailing, cuddling my kids in the evening, having great meals with friends, taking journeys to far away places, walking barefoot on the beach of a mediterranian island, watching the moon rise in New Mexico.
New Mexico, my love..this clear air, the colours, the light! - Somehow sad to never walk on those grounds again. 
Glad to have those memories to goes on.