Samstag, Februar 18, 2017


February 18/17

Landfrau might have that illusion..well,tough luck! 
Went to the movies yesterday, all by myself, my fate from now on :(...Anyway, wanted to see an american movie in the original version. So I went upt to the ticket counter and asked for one ticket. The lady looked at me and said: you know it is in the original language? I nodded obediently, not yet thinking of nothing.

When I entered the showroom the only person sitting there (it still had been pretty early) was a young man. He said to me that we seem to be the only visitors and I repeated laughing ...  so we will have a private showing,  but then he asked know the movie is in the original language?  When I looked at him a bit flabbergasted he added..well ladies your age mostly do not speak english! B i n g o !  

So, Landfrau, face the facts!