Samstag, Mai 28, 2011

It still can be topped (a post, not to be taken too seriously)

May 28/11.....2:34 p.m.

heavenly slumber

Yesterday we decided to cash in our X-mas present, a voucher for slumbering and feasting , given to us by our daughters . The place treating us had been the "Molzmühle" , a romantic little place at the Schwalm-Nettetal.  And mind you, we had the place all to ourselves, for the dinner, the slumbering and the breakfast this morning.  We thought that it had been great, having the restaurant to ourselves during our last trip to The Sport Schloss Velen,  and once, while flying to Vancouver B.C. we had been lucky to be the only passengers in the first class, aboard a Lufthansa - flight, but we are still missing out on having a yacht for our use only,  preferably in the Mediterranian!  - Well, once in Dubai, we had been guests aboard a private yacht for an evening cruise, but since there had been some business friends along too, that does not count.

So, come on fate or whatever, give! We deserve it!

Montag, Mai 16, 2011

A Sentence a Day

May 16/11.....3:25 p.m.

Day one
Arrival - welcomed  in the room by a bottle of Champagne - courtesy of Herr Husband  - nice!
Day two
A nice try to see the "Dülmener Wildpferde"  - only the hotel receptionist sent us into the middle of the town Dülmen. Where we had to go to had been the Merfelder Bruch and the compound showed a sign " open only at sun- & holidays" - tough luck but a nice drive around countryside. Almost hit a deer.
Day three
Landfrau rented a bike and Herr Husband touched freshly painted wall in the lobby.
Day four
2 hour horse carriage ride , sightseeing a lot of lush green countryside - very pleasant
Day five
Little trip by car into the town of Borken,where they also turn up the sidewalks between noon and 3 p.m. - but we found a place to serve us a nice lunch
Day six - breakfast and drive home - pity! ---
Aside from that we enjoyed the parc surrounding the castle, Herr Husband using his luggie, swimming, wellness , steambath and Landfrau treated herself  to two marvellous massages and a facial, which had been dissapointing, Herr Husband still recognized me! And we had wonderful food and drinks at Pia's bar.
and here are some pics - enjoy!

Freitag, Mai 06, 2011

Funniest Dream!

May 6/11....10:30 a.m.

Today Landfrau is a real early bird - had to give my  physician a sample of my valuable blood and since I have to be there by latest 8:00 a.m. and considering the about 15 min. drive , which takes 45 min. in the morning - I had to get up in the middle of the night (so it seemed to me).  Now, since there is also that donation of morning pee, I am a real nut about that. Always afraid, that I would have no result, in case I had been visiting the loo during the night. So I woke up early enough this morning and had to visit the bathroom very urgently, scolding myself, because I had "bottled" my sample already about around 4 a.m.  But, surprise,surprise, what grinned at me in the bathroom? an empty container ! I really had been flabbergasted, I could have sworn, that I had finished my task during the night, but it must have been a "reality dream" - As I mentioned before, I think, I am a natural nut.