Samstag, Februar 08, 2014

About bashing Russia

February 8/14....9:20 a.m.

Have been watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last nite.  I liked them, it has been cheerful and colorful. There might have been some minor flaws, but nobody is perfect. but what I have been reading  in facebook,twitter and in media later on I found pretty upsetting. It seems as if the hate against Putin has been bundled up into a Russia bashing. Is it not the spirit of Olympia to unite people under the roof of fair and joyful games? and arn't we forgetting how much work has been put into the efforts to establish good games? If you want,you can always find a hair in the soup and we should rather look upon the goals which have been achieved than pointing with mean fingers at failures.

Well,this is my opinion, you are entitled to yours.