Freitag, April 30, 2010

Again and still...small World

April 30/10.....3:36 p.m.

Did you marvel about my previous post? Well, friends, there is more not so spectacular, but nevertheless. - When I was a teenagegirl, I had a girlfriend. You know how it mostly is, one takes all and the other is the timid drag-along, that had been me. So my friend made me walk around lunchtime ever so often along famous "Königsallee" in our city. At that time already the avenue was famous for expensive shops, and among others there could be found an antique shop and having his lunchbreak, one of the salesmen used to stroll along the street and my friend, having a terrible crush on the guy, wanted to give him the eye. So they glared at each other, but never spoke. Me, the little dragger-along, of course was not noticed. - Years later,in the meantime I was married and had moved to Vancouver B.C., my husband went to a photoshop and was greeted by another customer, a friend he knew from his former motorbike club in Germany. Turned out this friend was visiting with some other German friends, a couple, also living in Vancouver. Of course they decided to meet the same night at our place and the friend asked, if he could bring along his friends. And...who walked into our place along with his pregnant wife? The guy from the Antique shop, my girlfriend had been so keen on. Of course we talked about those "old " times and he remembered very well my girlfriend, but not me, the drag-along. We had lots of drinks and later on my husband's friend, who had been so drunk that we put him into our conjugal bed to sober up , puked into our bed - the pig! -
We became friends with the couple, they had kids, moved to San Francisco, got divorced and he became a very successful interior designer. We are still friends with his former wife, she lives now in Carmel .We lost touch with the puker and with my former girlfriend I lost touch too, that's the way it goes.

Montag, April 26, 2010

Small World

April 26/10......10:20 a.m.

When a very old friend's befriended daughter of an old, now deceased boyfriend is incidently the sister of two school friends of our younger daughter - and we have been meeting those boys travelling highway No. 1 in the nineties during our Californian trip with our younger daugther by coincidence on and off (and we gave them "shelter ,shower and dinner" in our motel for one night, since they slept in their car) and the family had been neighbours of our son-in-law and that young woman now is the wife of a this year's Oscar winner for songwriting I call this a small world.

Montag, April 05, 2010

Center Parc Fun-----F U N ?

April 5/10......1:44 p.m.

Vaccation cut out for the needs of small fry....forgotten so fast, when small fry has grown up but reliving with small fry of now big offspring is quite an experience. Our young family is taking a short holiday in a Center Parc in the Netherlands, just across the dutch border from us - not such a long drive - and yesterday we decided to pay them a visit. Actually the whole complex is quite nicely situated, in the middle of a forrest, with ponds and playgrounds, and of course those indoor facilities which Center Parcs are famous for. Our granddaughter claims, that four days are the limit to be overrun by the indoor activities and the continious acoustic irradiation and her husband ran, when the parents were summoned to do the "Ententanz" (duck dance) together with their offspring, he claimed he had done his duty during a previous stay last year, never again do I make a fool of myself up there on the stage! (O-ton). Well, the kids are fascinated and love it, and that is, why the parents endure it. Aside from that, the living quarters are not bad, houses scattered in the forrest all over the places and you even have a fair amount of privacy. Before we left, we decided to have dinner together, but rather did not take in one of the "market place" restaurants. So we made a reservation at a restaurant outside- wise choice to have made the reservation, because 80% of the dutch people must have decided to frequent the place, it had been packed, but the service had been efficient and fast and the food very good. Little Miss Sunshine behaved very well too, except for one temperfit, where I had the brilliant idea to take her to look at and "torture" (pet) tiny chicklets jointly with half a dozen other kids. That distracted her and then our food came and eating is one of her favourite pasttimes, so no problem any more.-

When we came home, we were greeted by a rather annoyed Herr Hund, having been left alone for such a long time.To make up with him I took him for a long walk in the dark and now he talks to us again.