Samstag, Mai 09, 2015


May 9/15  ...2:32 pm

While I was on the road today on my bike to pick up my fresh aspargus from the farmer's market I noticed the lilac bushes in full bloom. Now this automaticalliy makes me think of mother's day. Us kids used to "harvest" armfulls for mom for her special day . Usually those flowers were accompanied by the most atrocious gifts which only could melt the heart of a kid. Of course allowance had been quite meager and the gifts met the wealth of the donnor. I vividly remember a very ugly glass bowl which as a kid thought to be an eyecatcher. Years later, already an adult, I found it hidden away in a cabinet corner. My mother had been a keeper of things and I suppose she could not part with it out of sentiment. I can not remember though that the thing ever decorated the place.

The link  I dedicate to all forgotten mothers of this world!

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