Montag, September 28, 2009

Again B.B. or my Time when I wanted to look like her

September 28/09.....7:46 p.m.

← ..wanted to look like her

Everybody, at least around here in Germany, is talking politics and is full of pro and contra about the outcome of the elections. I have been very tempted to put in my modest opinion, but in the long run it only would be "another smartass talking". So I stick to the lady of the day - Brigitte Bardot - it is her birthday, she is now 75 years old. I vividly remember the times when she had been so popular and we all - us girls - wanted to look like her. Golden times in my memory, we were modest and hilariously happy to drive around in our "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller" (should have held on to it, would be worth a fortune today) and our long saved for holiday trip took us into a little bit of Switzerland and to Southern Germany. We stayed in small bed & breakfast places and always had to take two rooms, since we were not married. And Herr H., who had not been Herr H. at that time, sneaked across the floor, being very careful that the boards did not creak. There never were traffic jams on the Autobahn and the places we visited had not been overrun with tourists.
Makes you think about how fast time goes by, today Brigitte Bardot is old and so is Landfrau.

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