Samstag, September 19, 2009

Summer's End

September 19/09......4:34 p.m.

Puts me into a touch of melancholy, summer's end. In a way there is a sad sound to it , have not heard that sound so much in previous years but then, maybe I did not listen so intendly. Found an essay in today's paper about the two actresses, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot,both turning 75 this year. Now Sophia Loren, she still looks great, no doubt. Claims it on the spaghetti she ate all her life. Well, maybe I did not eat enough spaghetti, too late, this train has passed. Brigitte Bardot, on the other hand, I always remember - in connection with age - that rather stupid joke about the two withered , wrinkly elderly women, lying at the beach and one said to the other "we wanted to look like Brigitte Bardot all our lifes, now we do". But do not think I look like Brigitte Bardot either, she is much thinner. Well, at a certain younger age I have been told by people that there had been a slight resemblance...bygones, my friends. -
Today I really savoured the warm sunshine, lying and napping for a bit in my lounge chair on our sundeck, no more fear of sunburn, a slight warm wind caressing my skin. Now, before I become too poetic I shall get down to the realities of life. Herr Hund, who is slightly limping (age also catching up on him) is ordering me to take him for his walk. Will take him down to the riverbanks and as a reward I then can try to untangle the burs out of his fur. Also a sign of fall, those nasty things.

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