Dienstag, Juni 03, 2008

I call it the "Hoopsie-syndrome"

June 3/08 7:53 p.m.

I must have been 13 or 14 years old, when my parents have been visiting with a family, who had a daugther my age, Hoopsie. I remember that I just had been fascinated by that girl, we had lots of fun together that day and I am not so sure anymore, if we even stayed overnite. My parents returned the invitation some time later one sunday for lunch. At that time we lived in an appartment in a block where the main street ran in front. So , after breakfast I positioned myself at the front window, waiting and looking out for Hoopsie. Her father ran a trucking business and they were supposed to arrive by truck. Anyway, time went by, lunchtime passed, no truck, no Hoopsie. My mother told me to stop looking, but I would not listen, I held on to my post. To make a long story short, they never showed up. At that time people did not have telephones like nowadays, so I think that day we never found out what happened. And I never met Hoopsie again. My dissapointment that day had been out of this world and till today, if I run accross a similar experience, I call that my "Hoopsie syndrome" by myself. -
What made me think of that today? That family lived in a city called Soest, quite near the place where m.o.m.l. is taking his rehab.

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