Sonntag, Juni 01, 2008

Tough day for Herr Hund

June 1/08 8:47 p.m.

Had to go for a mailbox in neighbourhood village, the one here around the corner looks suspicious, no sings about emptying times attached any more. So I took the bike and the dog this morning and while we were there, took the opportunity to have a look at the new house one of my friends had moved into, the 4th one since I know her for about 8 years. Quite a reccord, considering german standards. Around here you move into a house ,once you can afford it and most of the time die in it, unless you get prosperous and then you want a bigger place, a symbol of wealth! - We are still in the first one we bought, so much for accumulating wealth. - Then my daughter phoned and suggested a bike tour with grandson and dogs to a farm in their vicinity, where you could have coffee and cake, etc, beer and wine of course too. Heaven for people with a sweet tooth. When I came home, I rushed to visit with a neighbour, who had broken her shoulder and has been home from the hospital a couple of days. But then Herr Hund stayed home to rest. So he had been already alert enough to sit and stare at me, envying me my chicken I had for dinner, not the aspargus, though.-
Weatherwise it had been a great day and I hope I will get the weather pixie back on my page, would be a shame if this was taken from the net.

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