Samstag, Juni 21, 2008


June 21/08 2:56 p.m.

....Is a somewhat flippant verbalism of a heart attack, and that's what Landfrau will get pretty soon if m.o.m.l. keeps up his mischiefs. Home for a week now he took his bike and - fell off! As if it was not enough that he has scars from the heart surgery, a damaged shoulder, damaged knees,( all previous ailments), now he is sitting in his chair beeing supplied with cold packs and ointment for his foot. And Herr Hund has infected anusglands, so he has to be treated too. Hope I do not mix up the medications.
Aside from keeping a hospital I baked an apricot cake which right now smells up the house very nicely,hope it's as tasty as well.
The accident happened yesterday and since yesterday I get a laughing fit,every time I see my patient limping around with a cane,which he refused to use up to now, like "I am not an old man" - well... Somewhat mean, I know,but the only alternative to sit down and bawl. Kind of an hysteric reaction, I suppose.

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