Mittwoch, August 23, 2006

Obituary For Two Fish

August 23/06 5:41 p.m.

Sad happening, this morning our two kois, Harald and Wanda, were afloat in our little pond, but not alive, dead as dead fish. Now only Max and Moritz, the two smaller goldfish, are leftover orphans, might hand over the spoon too, if the water should have turned bad. It looked kind of milky yesterday, but last night had been o.k. - Well, we had an unceremonical burial ,dropped them into the brown bin (for the organic waste,remember?) and since it is only to be emptied a week from next monday, I hope they do not start to smell too soon. You see,there it is again, our garbage problem.

Nice happening today,that our dressage-equipe took gold today in Aachen and are once again the world champions! Do I ever enjoy to watch those horses perform, they are so perfect, like dancers, could make your eyes water, even if you are not "horsecrazy".
Watching some on TV every day, yesterday had been "endurance", where the Maktoums all got disqualified. They were so pissed off,since they had counted on gold, (its their discipline), ripping off their tents, TV -station-set ups and everything in no time, all what was left over, were the bathroom facilities with golden faucets. Serves them right, those upnosed Arabs, although I felt a bit sorry for the Princess Haya , who is the president of the FEI. She is so nice to look at and a very smart lady.

Aachen live is great, we had been there before, but nowadays we dread the traffic line ups and the immense crowds. So we are couch potatoes, like mostely, lately.

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