Freitag, August 18, 2006

About Garbage Pick Up

August 18/06 8:37 p.m.

Well, friends, wouldn't you think that was no issue? Not for Landfrau. First: we Germans are well organized, brown bin for the organics, yellow bin for the plastics and the grey one for the rest of the daily waste. And the system had been that in turn the bins had been picked up alternately the same day every week, i.e. the brown and the grey one, the yellow one has been allowed every three weeks for company. Can you follow me? Good: So far Landfrau could follow up too. But now they have changed the system around and the bins are picked up in a wild arrangement, I'm too mega- goofy to remember. Of course there is a nice plan, where its all put down, but if you forget to look??alas! So a week ago I got stuck with the brown one, this morning it has been the grey one and it's so nice to be woken up at 5:30 a.m. by the riot of the pick-up truck,and then its definitely too late to jump out of bed and rush the thing out, there is that big,fat Mercedes sitting in the driveway and in the garage in front of the bins my small car (look post April 16/06!),which would have to be moved too. Fat chance, alors! -
So, the next evenings, when its dark already, I might creep out with my alibi dog, dragging behind, a bag full of garbage under each arm, which then I will sneak meanly into exposed bins of various neighbours! (little joke!)

P.S. ..and notice the nice,shiny new bike of man of the house,additionally sitting in front of the garbage bin assembly.

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