Samstag, August 26, 2006


August 26/06 1:30 p.m.

Have you seen the film ? (German:..und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier), of course, everyone has! Well, Landfrau is in such an continious loop of every day the same routine, fixing breakfast, taking the bike and the dog, climbing the fence to feed and look after my ,by now 3 horses (have adopted the two mares), fixing lunch, shopping(every day hateful, not fancy!) doing the chores around house, garden etc.,watching television at nite and falling into bed, that she thinks, that she must have created her own groundhog day. Think by now I could do the most foolish things, nothing would happen, would wake up the next morning and could start allover again. - Last Thursday, however, had been an exception, trip to downtown (dentist!!) , so man of the house came along, since he does not walk around anymore, for him it was parking lot hopping, for me rushing about afoot, which resulted in missing each other all the time. We managed to have lunch together, however. But the scream was me, watching the entrance of the parking garage elevators , where crowds kept popping out, to catch,my again lost, companion. So finally I saw him and made unmistakable signs, that he should come to me, only it has not been him, but a strange guy, ugh, very embarassing. He came so obidiently and when I apologized, that I had mistaken him for someone else(did not say:my husband) he just grinned and said that I resembled a woman he knows. And I thought, that I am somewhat unique! Which reminds me of a similar story, which happened to me several years ago,during one of our trips to U.S. -Will try to copy it in. And by the way, stopped smoking a year ago!
So, above, you see the copied story from my diary from years ago, have been too stupid, to put it in a link,but you can enlarge the scripts.

...and around here today we have big celebrations,Nordrhein-Westfalen, our state, has its 60th birthday, there is the mobile homes and trailers-exhibition(not interested) and of course Aachen, Aachen, Aachen - military (cross country) today, my favoured discipline.

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