Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2008

Snails and such

July 23/08 4:37 p.m.

I learned to eat them while we lived in France, and I got to like them, although there is not so much of an own taste, it's the butter and garlic which gives the zest. But I do not like the naked ones. Landfrau once a while feels obliged to live up to her name, working in the garden and such. Today I discovered that it must be the year of the naked snails. I remember a year we had moml's niece with family for overnite visitors,they took a plane to Turkey the next morning out of D. airport. So, since it had been a nice warm summer night, we sat in the garden, having a keg of beer and some food. Now those naked things love beer! In no time we had them crawling all over the places, stepping onto them with our naked feet. And the kid of the niece wanted to save each and everyone of them and started bawling loudly when her father stepped on them to tease her. After an hour I could have wrung the kids neck and shot the father. -
Today I flushed several down the toilet, yes, I know, they too are mother, father and tiny snail kid, but me, I am snail god!

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