Samstag, Juli 12, 2008

Beautiful,but no Pets


July 12/08 4:35 p.m.

Found this touching movie about the Northamerican bisons.
When we had been in South Dakota a few years ago, we watched the buffalo-roundup at Custer State Park. Quite a sight for which you had to get up very early in the morning, but it had been worth it. What amazed me at that time was, where all those other spectators came from in the middle of nowhere. Beeing eye to eye with the beasts I had been glad that there had been a fence between us. We have been told that every year accidents, even deadly ones, happen, when tourists think they are confronted with animals they can treat as pets.

But now I am going to take out my own personal pet, Herr Hund, no danger there, oh yes, he might lick you to death!

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