Dienstag, Juli 22, 2008

Burden of the Books

July 22/08 3:18 p.m.

Grrr...getting 4 books for a (birthday) present from different persons, having read three of them already and the last one, gosh! too sophisticated for my old brain. I want to live,sigh and cry with the books I read, for brain food I have the internet, yep. - Giving away books I have been just as unlucky, the last two I wanted to "surprise" my daughter with, she had read them already. But,alas, I exchanged two of my books, one of them the sophisticated one,and even got some money back, what a deal, could get used to that. -
And for all of you,who like to sigh and cry with the stories they read also, here is a recommandation: THE CENTER OF WINTER by Marya Hornbacher /Harper Collins NY
and you can also get it at HEYNE's (81056) " Du hast nicht gesagt ich liebe Dich "(German version) .

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