Dienstag, Juli 15, 2008

Slowly but surely

July 15/08 7:46 p.m.

Yes, we are approaching normality, not quite yet, but there is hope. We had an "outside" birthday party for moml (man of my life) at the Canoo the floating restaurant I had been reporting about at previous occasions. Food had been plenty and good and the ambience terrific, when it started getting dark the patron lit candle lanterns all over the places and with the beautiful bright skyline of Düsseldorf and the even brighter lights and movements of the big "Düsseldorfer Kirmes"(watch the slide shows in article) you had that holiday feeling and since it had been a warm summer night for a change the setting had been perfect.
And today we had lunch at the "Langster Fährhaus" a place quite near to our home at the ferry landing,which we also favour.
Of course I am still the diligent driver, but July 25th the cast will come off, then we shall see further.

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