Samstag, März 14, 2009

The Party Mile

March 14/09....9:16 p.m.

Landfrau is full, full of good steak. Once a while we decide to leave our solitude countryside and go and take part in the life of town . Tonite we wanted to have dinner at "our" barge restaurant, tough luck, they had a wedding party. so we thought we should try the old part of town, the party mile, so called because there you find one beer parlour and one food restaurant after the other, all what have you, from german , italian,turkish, libanese to chinese food . We choose the wellknown Block House, a steak temple, known for its excellent cuts of meat. Walking there, we really had been amazed, so many restaurants had their tables outside and people were wining and dining, mind you, at at temperature from barely 10 above Zero. At the most famous beerparlour, the Uerige, most of the tables outside had been crowded with waiters running back and forth, carrying loads of beer. Some people started singing already. Later on at nite the party mile gets to be a place not so safe anymore, drunks start to riot and the police has their hands full. There are often even stabbings and robberies. Bad times. It is a shame, but the city is trying to get a grip on the situation and turn this part of town into the charming "party mile" it used to be decades ago.

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