Dienstag, März 31, 2009

Spring,Spring, Spring and no April Fool

March 31/09.....6:35 p.m.

Now outdoor activities start to be fun again and not just a must just to air Herr Hund. On our morning bike run Landfrau and Herr Hund have been passing deep green horse pastures. The horses are not out yet but the green looks so tempting that Landfrau would almost like to be a horse. Well, actually I am a horse, big @$$ and big mane - just joking folks - not such a big mane after all. Oh, STOP THAT NOW, LANDFRAU! Enough is enough! -

Last weekend with lousiest weather ever our son-in-law had to transfer his boat from the harbour where he bought it in Holland to the harbour where he has rented a box. It had been a rough long run and just before arriving at their destination the motor conked out and they had to run into the harbour under sails, and that in the dark. They managed bravourously and even hit the right box, but that had been pure luck. So both, the captain and the boat passed the test, minor things still will have to be done and the motor has to be looked after by an expert. Old ex-sailor father- in-law is looking forward to be taken along for a sail, Landfrau is looking forward to a nice hotel at the seaside, I always have been more of a horse woman, water has no beams!

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