Donnerstag, April 02, 2009

My Summer Trauma?

April 2/09 ....7:33 p.m.

Have been a very busy Landfrau today and an early bird on top. Had an appointment for the once a year nuisance of " health inspection". I call it the pee- run, three guesses why. And in the afternoon I kind of raided the local flower market. My efforts to give the unloved new fence a personal touch. Hope I will be satisfied with the results at the end of this summer, have to wait and see. Our weather right now is like the icing on a cake, smooth. For me it can stay that way, and I think other people don't mind either. Will have daughter's dog, mad Max, as a houseguest over Easter, if running with two dogs won't do the trick of turning me into someone slim and trimm, then I give up. -
Queen Elizabeth has been wrapped into the arm of the First Lady Obama, the British court is in uproar, but the queen obviously did not mind beeing touched the democratic way and Herr Husband fell under his car, while unloading a bag of garden soil from the back compartment. Got rescued by a lady neighbour, because he could not get up by himself anymore. He gave her a hard time, beeing half his size. So, these were the most important news of the day. - And have you been April fools yesterday? I know of at least two, but not Landfrau, mind you!

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