Mittwoch, April 08, 2009

Fly me to the Moon

April 8/09 ....7:44 p.m.

Since there are easter holidays, our grandson had a time window for his grandparents and we went to see that facinating expo at the gasometer in Oberhausen in the middle of the industrial area of the Ruhrgebiet. Many of the former industrial places are not needed any more in our modern times, so they have been turned into momuments. A great idea,so coming generations are able to have a look at the working places of older times. The gasometer has converted into a place where they have expositions and also presentations and performances, very interesting. So, today we have been looking at the biggest artificial moon in existence and there was a demonstration about all the moon phases in fast motion. A real "wow" effect. Many other interesting things to see, I could have walked around for hours. Spooky too to listen to a tape of the call from the Russian base talking to the first space victim and suddenly there had been nothing anymore. A human lost in space and his last words forever preserved.

And to top it off, we went to the top. There is a -very windy - observation platform 100 meters high, where you had a terrific view all around and grandson spied a little amusement parc right at the foot in the surounding grounds belonging to a big mall and we naturally had to drive there right away, but after a late lunch with snail waiters (they only looked like humans) it had started to rain and the temperature had dropped considerably. So our freezing grandson let us take him home - 45 min. drive, after all - and we were lucky to avoid the evening traffic.

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