Samstag, April 11, 2009

Easter and the vanishing Things

April 11/09....2:50 p.m.

Easter is the time to hide things, right? mostly eggs and sometimes you find them about 6 months later! Around our house we have the story of the vanishing fish and I really did not dare to call it "Another fishstory" in my headline! If you have followed up my fish stories, you might remember, that after our icy time during winter only one of our fish survived, the smallest goldfish, called the 5-incher. Now both of us, Herr Husband and Landfrau, started to feel sorry for the lonely bugger, so Herr Husband went out to get him a companion. Orders from Landfrau had been:JUST ONE FISH! Since this fish had been so small we named him the tester. It took a few days and the tester had vanished. We kind of fished around in the pond, no luck, gone. I even took out the pump. Well, the next day, there was the tester for a glorious 2 days, then, zilch - vanished. And this time it did not show up any more. So Herr Husband went out and got another 2 fish, this time disobeying my strict orders for getting only one. To make a long story short, 2 days later they had vanished, all three of them. Neighbour told us she had seen a heron around. So Landfrau took a deep breath of relief, end of the fishstory, no more fish.
You might not believe it, 2 days later they were back , all three of them! Happy Easter!

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