Donnerstag, Januar 22, 2009

The Last of the Mohicans

January 22/09 ...7:00 p.m.

Creepers, here I am again with my neverending fish stories. One misely 5-incher left, Moritz, the fat goldfish ,followed his brother Max into the enternal hunting grounds and he took along vailtail, the funny guy. I am telling you , fish will not be gifted with names any more, they will get numbers from now on at the rate we loose them. And always in such a funny way!- First one had been Philipp, a little white coi, looked like a tiny dolphin and used to swim in circles, like mad. . After that for quite a while we had Harold and Maude, 2 cois, along with Max and Moritz, the goldfish . Maude comitted suicide, living up to her name, she jumped out of the pond. Harold followed her, but him we saved. We gave him fat Wanda, a coi , as a companion and they both decided to be goners the same day. Now for quite a while it had been Max and
Moritz, the goldfish, then Max beat it to fish heaven and we felt sorry for the lone rider and got him the 5-incher and veiltail as companions. Think they have been frozen fish when we had the cold spell lately and only the 5-incher survived, maybe beeing so small, who knows. -

I think from now on we should have fish only on our plates, nicely prepared, but that of course would deprive you of furthermore fish stories unless one of us suffocates from a fishbone.

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