Montag, Januar 19, 2009

Zilch out of 10

January 19/09 ..... 7.14 p.m.

I simply hate mondays and I know why I hate them. Waking up in the morning with the task in mind to have to clean the house is not so prickly as such. I detest then additional distractions, o.k., I know I have to walk the dog, a daily necessity or pleasure, depends... but aside from that no more other stuff. This morning daughter no.2. called, poor girl is down with the flu, so of course mom asked if she needed some help, and yes, she wanted me to cook a soup for her and grandkid. No more beef in the freezer I had to drive to the supermarket and there I developped my first wave of hatred, No parking place to start with and the shop full of people with shopping carts loaded as if they were stocking up till doomsday. A line at the butcher's counter, grrr...another line at the bakery counter, double grrr.. after having bought my baguette remembered that I needed some fresh bread for us too, mind you, that someone might have taken note that I had lined up already, no sir, had to wait again in line. Tripple grrr... rushed then home , cooked the soup and kind of figuered that Herr Husband would be the delivery service, no deal, he had to write a letter. And that's now where the scoring sets in. Rushed to the car in the garage to load the basket into the trunk, car locked, key still inside, score of 5 out of ten, fetched the key, jumped into the car and drove like speedy Gonzales to daugther's place, since grandson had to be fed before leaving for hockey training, opened the trunk and stared like a dumb nut into the empty trunk, no basket. That stupid thing sat happily in the back of the garage. Score 0 out of 10. Phoned Herr Husband that he now for sure had to get moving, drove home and startet my housecleaning job, which is not finished by far, so tomorrow I am in for another appointment with broom and wiping cloth.

For today I am absolutely thrilled.

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