Freitag, Januar 09, 2009

Can't get enough!

January 9/09 7:30 p.m.

Would have never thought that I one day would and could enjoy X-country skiing around my own home. Just like the times we vaccationed in Austria I put on my skies right in front of the door. It is a bit harder without tracks, but the ground has been flattened enough that I have no difficulties gliding. And I have all that wonderful country side all to myself together with Herr Hund, who still beats me speedwise. Have discovered spots where I have my own personal downhill runs, the levee is great for that. It is a funny feeling to be running along the riverside, up to now I always had been surrounded by terrific mountains in Austria. - But one more advantage around here, its cheaper folks ;-) ! Of course Landfrau misses to be waited on coming home, there you can't beat a hotel stay. Well, one can not have everything.

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