Sonntag, Januar 11, 2009


January 11/09 9:20 p.m.

Yeah, that' s what we felt like tonite, Herr Husband and Landfrau. The only time in my life I felt more important, as a matter of fact like a celebrity, has been in Dubai, when we had been invited for a harbour cruise aboard a Yacht owned by an East Indian business man, us boarding on a red carpet and people looking on, wow, once in a lifetime! But that's another story.- Now for tonite - Herr Husband has his favoured spot, a floating restaurant at the riverside, and the owner, a very nice,young turkish guy, born already in Germany, so to say 2nd generation, has taken a liking to him - father image? So we always get the special treatment and tonite we have been the only guests. Now, mind you, only guest in a reataurant are a horror in my opinion, but not at this place, you have this great view at the city skyline and the river traffic to watch, nice chill out music and excellent food and efficient service. So, to make a long story short, it had been a wonderful evening and Landfrau emptied almost a whole bottle of wine. Iknow who will have a good night's rest - or maybe I shall be unconcious? - Tomorrow will tell.

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