Montag, Januar 05, 2009

Bloody Monday

January 5/09 9:53 p.m. actually every monday for Landfrau, housecleaning day, a task accomplished every week more or less successful. Today it had been bloody monday the real mcCoy, cut my finger and decided to skip the hated cleaning, figuered it won't be said "she cleaned well" at my grave and dug out my cross country ski out of the basement, not used for the last three seasons. Since it happens about every 10 years that we have such masses of snow around here, might as well take advantage. Had a slight temper fit about my sport suit, which must have shrunk,sitting in the closet and made late New Year's decisions "loose weight,loose weight,loose weight...and I am very good for a start,sitting here feeling so hungry I could devour a scewered ox.
Well, I had a terrific run, it was hard, without a trail, and Herr Hund had been by far faster than me. For a while I glided along the riverbanks and there were wild geese flying so low over my head that I could hear the swishing of their wings.
So, for the night I expect a crowd of brownies to clean my house , then I can repeat my todays run tomorrow.

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