Freitag, Januar 30, 2009

Reminiscence of a Day

January 30/09...10:56 p.m.

Will roll it backwards: watched a very nice play on TV right now , no, friends, will not talk about it, it is enough I enjoyed it, let it sit at that. Had a nice late afternoon bike run with Herr Hund, a lonely goose ,Nil I think, had been harvesting a field, i. e. the freshly growing seeds. And that is why the local farmers hate them and there is the battle between conserving nature and profit. - To make it real up to date, Herr Husband, descending from the tower (attic room) switched out the upper level light and a bulb exploded, blew the main fuse and there we were, groping around in the dark. Blown bulb had exploded with pieces even down into the basement area. Great. Have to look into that tomorrow morning. Anyway, pieces, most of them, cleaned away. Amazing, so much debris caused by a small light bulb. - Now, back to my day. Went shopping for the forgrotten items, mind you ,it is not walking around the corner, have to take the car for every pint of milk. Had been fixing lunch ,delicious trouts, but I did not catch them beforehand, that should have happened some other time, when hippie daugther No. 1 invited us for dinner, but that is another story and occured ages ago, daugther is now a very successful business woman and those are our shared memories of the past. And to start the day with it had been the usual run with Herr Hund, who is very unpatient watching me sit down at the computer after getting out of bed, unbrushed teeth and unshowered. Of course prepared breakfast, diligent little Landfrau, like every day and days to come and now I am sitting here with my glass of red wine, thinking in some ways I must be a natural nut. And please, do not agree, we will not be friends any more.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Interesting detail & day. Are you using compact florescent bulbs? Cheaper & longer lasting. Hopefully not as big of mess to clean-up.

Kimberly hat gesagt…

I wont agree..cannot risk losing the friendship. Understand is ok I hope. :)

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments, advice and understanding!Landfrau