Dienstag, Februar 03, 2009

Model -Me

February 3/09 9:45

Had to drive "downtown" yesterday, Landfrau had a meeting with an old friend, he is a producer of radio plays -section criminal stories. We met at a very picturesque - and for the old part of town unique Bistro cafe. He lives in Berlin but knew the place, unknown to me, shame on Landfrau. Story is, that he has produced a play and for the cover image of the CD he wanted me as a model. I represent one of the main characters, of course I can not talk about the plot here. But friends so much - beware of me, I am a villain! -
Asked my friend if he could not find an adequate person in Berlin but he thought that I would be just the fitting character, whatever that tells us. I shall get a copy in due time, let's wait an see.

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