Mittwoch, Februar 11, 2009

Winetasting Galore!

February 11/09 ...8:38 p.m.

A few days ago a flyer from our favourite wine shop came by mail. Among others they were praising a French wine namened Perce-Neige, which in German is "Schneeglöckchen " (snowdrops). Now, mind you, with our not so supra weather around this time of the year I had been so intrigued by that name, I had to have that wine, simply had to have it. I could taste it in my mouth, even never having tasted it. So yesterday afternoon in a slushy snowstorm Landfrau drove to the wine store. Thought I might be the only customer, since the shop is located off road in a leftover building of an old monastry. Totally wrong, shop had been filled with quite some people about my age. Seems we are the age group comforted by buying wine in drab weather times. The store also offers other goodies, like jams, olive, oil, pasta sauces etc. So I took my time looking around ,eavesdropping on two ladies, who could not make up their minds if buying the cheaper wine,which one of them claimed, was more to her liking, or the more expensive one. I really had to giggle, whom did they want to impress? The sales clerk, by choosing the expensive one? Really, some people. Then Ihad a taste of "Schneeglöckchen" and another brand, but snowdrops it was, it turned out excactly they way I had expected. Got a lesson on top from another customer,who told me that tasting wine has to be noisy, you have to slurp, and I told him that I know that you never say that a wine is lecker, now that's a sacrileg, wine is fruity, round ,full, heavy, but never lecker ( yummy), and then I said that this wine was very "lecker" and him and the sales clerk laughed their heads off. - So you see, even at an ugly,rainy day you can make friends with the help of wine.

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