Samstag, Februar 21, 2009

Can not win

Landfrau and Mom

Talking about that winter, which really this season has managed to please and annoy us. But if you ask me, around here it is kickin' up the heels in a feeble way. During my today's walk with Herr Hund I noticed light dashes of green on so far dark brown twigs and branches. Also the snowdrops start to show, must have helped that Landfrau bought that wine with the name of perce neige, which by the way tastes delicious. Opened the first bottle tonite with our salmon dinner ,might have to go for an addional supply pretty soon. Otherwise have been busy again with the fabolous X-mas gift from my grandson, the book where I figuratively dish out my life from birth. The pre-given questions are a hairraiser, most of them, so I found a way to pepp up the oevre with some ideas of my own, which meant also digging into old photobooks. Ran across some pictures of my mother in her days, when I had been a toddler. My, has she been attractive! She died at a , for today, early age of 76, Alzheimer, and strange enough in the end of her sickness days, her beauty kind of reappeared, there were no marks of sorrow and age anymore in her face.

But with the book I see light at the end of the tunnel, so to say ,and for finishing it a few more drab winter days are not so bad. You see, there are two sides to everything.

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Kimberly hat gesagt…

Your mother was a gorgeous woman and you were such a beautiful child! :)