Sonntag, Februar 08, 2009

Yes, I am

February 8/09........ 3:14 p.m.

....writing a post. That's what I promised myself today, have to stop waisting all my resources on twitter, even if I have nothing to say - so to say. Now, seriously, twitter is insofar intriguing as you are sitting there reading all the stuff other brains, who also have nothing to say, evaporate. Some things might be amusing, but serious information you only get from the news tweets. Sigh, to make a long story short, shit- I am hooked. Still, there are days, like today, I slap more or less successfully my fingers to stay away. -
And now down to serious business, my life. Not such a hype right now, but I am getting modest, happy if I am spared catastrophies of which we have had plenty last year. Last week Landfrau had been Herr Husband's driver, he had a dentist appointment to have quite some teeth removed. The problem is, that he starts gagging, as soon as he looks at his "new" teeth, sitting there grinning at him. Either he gets the hang of putting them in or it will be toothless time till he can be fitted for some implants, but that takes time - talking from experience. At least my implants were necessary way back in my mouth, so I could still grin at people with missing teeth. Herr Husband can not, at least I told him he better not. He is considering joining the crew of homeless people selling their special paper downtown, he would fit in mouthappearance wise. Gosh, it is easy to be sarcastic if one is not affected. Well, in a way I am so too, have to think of cooking soft, chewable food for the time beeing. That nice, juicy steak is out at the moment.
Isn't it great, when missing teeth are the momentarily highlite of life?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Excellent post. Sometimes no excitement is good news. Sorry to hear about your husband's teeth. Hopefully the implants will come fast. However, I imagine they'll be painful for sometime. Maybe soup for a few months?

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

soup for a few months might be a bit of a challenge. will sneak out to "Blockhouse" (best steaks in town) ;-)