Mittwoch, Februar 18, 2009


February 18/09....6:50 p.m.

Honestly, must be springfever,which pushes me into snap decisions to jump into my car and drive downtown and on top of that must have been a catalogue in the mail by a downtown clothing store. And Landfrau knows beforehand that she will never fit into those barbiedoll-sized garments, but knowing is not believing and my Waterloo comes latest when I am in one of those overlit cabins, already sweaty from undressing, hair, which is too long right now anyway (hated hairdresser appointment coming up) pointing in every direction trying to squeeze into pieces which outside of the cabin looked by far big enough. As I said: Waterloo... Grinding my teeth I then roll up to the next level, where the "fat" ladies shop and there I am usually lucky. Today I picked one of the good days where there had been an adequate choice and once I discover that I fit into a chosen piece I go haywire and buy the same one in different editions,might not be available anymore at some other time. Today's captured goods: 1 pair jeans dark blue, same ones light blue, long sleeved T-shirt white, long sleeved T-shirt yellow, same one mint and a short sleeved polo shirt yellow. Saleslady treated me like roalty and admired my cap. In former times I have been admired for my looks! - Well, you can't have everything.

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