Sonntag, Januar 18, 2009

The Mini Teen

January 18/o9 .....3:01 p.m.

He is so refreshing to have around the house- eh,once a while - and such a funny guy. Landfrau is talking about our 11 year old grandson, son of our younger daughter. We had him as a houseguest overnite and as soon as he arrives our lives are changed. Sports news have to be watched, and commented and certainly we have to listen to all the latest stories of his field hockey games. The biggest laugh we had last night, when he dropped an invoice out of his wallet. Turned out it had been from a local DIY superstore, dated December 24th, shortly before closing time. The smart kid had bought his X-mas presents for the family at double reduced rates and this way got a lot for little. Quite the business freak he will be one day. - In the morning he proudly anounced that he had changed his shower habits, he is taking a shower now -mind you - every day at least for 6 min. and then he flashed his own bottle of deo, AXE -Bom Chicka Wah Wah - and Landfrau stated that she regreted it very much, not to have that puma cage smell to sniff any more - haha.
Before he had to leave -hockey game - he looked with me into my twitter and asked me if I would have given myself the twittername "grossstadttussi" (big city brat - free translation) if I would be living in the city. Glad that I was allowed to stick to Landfrau since I live in the countryside.

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